Stephy Johnson is a full time Yogi, passionate Tamara yoga teacher, health enthusiast, life and energy giver, world traveler and lover.

Based in WA, she aims to nurture, support and assist you through the teachings of Yoga. The documented medical benefits of Yoga are growing day by day so it's incredibly motivating to know that making small changes and taking small steps, you're having a detrimental impact to your life now and in the future. Stephy found Yoga when she was 17 after suffering from stress and anxiety throughout year 12.  Not calling herself a committed Yogi from get go as she transitioned from teenage years to adult life, it was at the age of 26 that she turned heavily to the Yogic teachings.

"My mid twenties were tough years. I had to face and sit with some extreme emotions of grief, trauma, stress and anger. Knowing that this wasn't how I wanted to live my life, I turned to Yoga to help me find the answer. The answer I found" 

Stephy is passionate about supporting you to experience the same uplift, empowerment, clarity, self-fulfillment and happiness that she's experienced through these teachings.

"It is my gift to you that I share this with you and we go on the journey together to unveil your inner goodness. The journey will be fun, interesting, tough and confronting but so worth the ride. I promise you, together we will never look back"